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We bought a brand new domain name. URL. We will be building a brand new Baddboyfilms News website upon that brand new domain, url and we will not release that url publicly as we are not a public business OR REQUIRED BY LAW TO ALERT THE PUBLIC FOR ANY OF OUR CHANGES.  

This business website is up for law enforcement, Media and other same media-related uses by city, county and state, local government authorities who rely on any news related raw footage to help them tell the story about their cases they are working on or have closed. Our raw footage isn't sold to the civil public parties, and we are not into creation of raw footage for motion pictures or celebrity photo-shoots . We only deal with the Media Relations Professionals of local television industries and networks. Any other non-media related people browsing this site are welcome to view.  

Again, this site will become inoperable sometime around 05/01/2019. 

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