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Baddboyfilms News streams it's own raw footage so agencies across American can share the data and apply it, to sometimes further Governmental investigations and statistics ongoing, furthering the progress on investigations unseen by the general media and/or public's knowledge. We tye to produce the highest quality imagery possible for Local law enforcement to use in respect for their investigations which are not always publicized or available online for reading by anyone. 

Baddboyfilms News isn't hiring at this present time. Baddboyfilms News isn't all about money. We pride the completion of projects so our community law enforcement has proof in video and footage to use in criminal actions as well. For a safer streets and general safety of the community and a all around safe place to live in Los Angeles, however you prefer it. Image (below) you will see the Google+ Administration profile page it is inside our Google+ Google Annalystics Webmasters Tools pages. It shows we have (2 Google+ accounts). One shows 90,366,814 million readers & subscribers. The other top one shows in October 26, 2017   106,149,636 Million Subscribers & Readers on Baddboyfilms News Google+ account just in the year 2017. We just opened this Google in 2009 but it wasn't acctive till January 2017 with this name. No readers were subscribed to it till Feb. 2017.  Remember: "Without a BADD - You're just a BOY"

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