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Los Angeles County Fire Officials told the Media that the 871+ acre brush fire started this afternoon after a car crashed into a tree near by the Southbound lanes on the Antelope Valley 14 Freeway and Placerita Cyn Rd.

Authorities called in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department to create road blocks inside the eastbound lanes of the Antelope Valley 14 Freeway and redirect traffic till L.A.Co. Firefighters could gain control of the brush fire which was burning on the sides of the 14 freeway and keep the more than 80 homeowners safe from personal losses. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department responded more Deputies to assist in evacuation efforts of local homeowners and businesses in the remote areas of where this great fire was burning. They also were establishing a inmate CAL FIRE security zone for the inmates from Fire camp to enter while keeping clear private civilian cars from entering this Inmate/Prisoner institutional Custody zone so Cal Fire inmates could lay down a fire line with hard hand crew labor skills and work inside a restricted zone guarded by law enforcement to keep out civilians from making contact with the C.D.C.R. prisoners. 

Freeway Traffic was at a crawl as The L.A. Co. Sheriff's Deputies directed drivers off the freeway and re-routed them onto Eastbound Sierra Hwy where they then were cut off and had to be forced to U-Turn back onto the 14 Freeway 1 mile east of where they had exited the 14 to begin with. There was no where to go, Fire was everywhere and the authorities didn't want people to pull off the sides of the roads and park so they directed them on a path out of harm's way. Even though it was frustration all the way for drivers who were very tired from work and upset about being stuck in this traffic that made a mess out of their route back the Lancaster, CA. and Palmdale, CA. It is the only freeway there from San Fernando Valley. 

Cal Fire crews battled the blaze through the night and mop-up operations continued into late Monday evening, reports stated on Tv and the Radio. 

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Calabasas News: Topanga Brush Fire, Off PCH from Malibu, Ca.

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Las Virgenes Rd. stayed open which gets the traveler from these two destination, though it just takes about an additional 35 minutes unless there is heavy traffic on a Friday evening, which is always the case. 

Inside the brush fire area, Cal Fire along with Multiple County Fire agencies assisted with the battling of this major fire with has been burning since yesterday around 2:00p.m. Firefighters said. 
CAL FIRE used a ground water tank to fill up with 2,200 gallons of water that would enable them to pump it up the steep 300ft incline to any hot spot a crew member would need water to be sprayed. They had set this tank up as CAL FIRE Members are seen keeping the water levels supervised so when they need more water to fill up inside their Fire trucks, they can drive their truck to go fill it up at the nearest fire hydrant without worrying about lacking water supplies on the embankment where crews have dragged heavy hoses straight up a wall of slate, shale, old granit rock.
 Amazing, these hard working First Responders! They saved the Topanga Cyn. Towns People’s homes from burning. If this fire took ground, and the winds were stronger, Topanga Town centered by the Lumber Yard up inside Topanga Canyon Road would of been all a memory and could have taken 100s of lives with it’s flames. hundreds of homes were in danger and CAL FIRE stopped those flames in their tracks, as soon as it was possible. 

Placerita Cyn. Fire 2017

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The Sand fire recapped 5 weeks after officials announced on August 3rd that the fire was contained after burning 41,432 acres (168 km2) of land. It started on July 22, 2016 at 2:00pm.

The Sand Fire was a wildfire that burned in the Angeles National Forest east of the Santa Clarita Valley in Los Angeles County, California. Photography credit: Baddboyfilms News 

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The Right to Breech Prison Security - Brush Fire CAL FIRE Vs. Free People


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PCH at Topanga Cyn. Blvd. South

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"The SandFire" Santa Clarita, calif. brush fire

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Five weeks after the flames are extinguished by CALFIRE, this is all there is left to see in the hardest hit parts where the camera crew of Baddboyfilms was standing the night and day during when it was in actual flames. We were standing in all these areas as flames came right up to our feet, with cameras rolling, video captured was what our job was all about. TV News Video, News Stories, Gathering News for Television News Stations to stream, live over their Tv News stations in Los Angeles. 

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Stokes Fire Calabasas calif.

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BREAKING NEWS: Cal Fire Firefighters Save Hundreds of Homes from Devastation - Stokes Rd. Brush Fire, Calabasas, California


June 25 2017, 14 Freeway, Car Crashed into a Tree, Caught Fire. 
The blaze had Firefighters and California State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation send in their Fire crews to dig fire lines, carry large water hoses up the canyon into the hills to lay a close fire line that will gain control on this large scorcher before the gusts of winds and hot summer weather air shifted towards the mountains with the Oil wells.

Placerita Canyon Oil Fields were what the Los Angeles County Fire incident Command post were contemplating would occur if they couldn't control the fiery path. 
The winds were gusting up to 30mph to the S/E and the fire had consumed more than 771 acres at this point. The fire was heading towards Placerita Oil Field. 
Some 129 old wells connected and pumping active crude oil and if the fire were too close, those oil wells could possibly of caught fire so Cal Fire had those Correctional Department send in their Fire squad of inmates to water down that side of the mountain and draw a fire line between the two spaces where the oil fields are and the flames were raging. 
It was a success and in this video, you can see at the Left of your screen, the Placenta Canyon oil fields pumping and next to them tow the middle of the screen above is the brush fire , flames and smoke top of the mountain trails where Cal Fire inmates are getting a containment on the upper hand of this more than 771+ acres burning off highway 14 in the Santa Clarita Valley part of Los Angele County, Calif. 
The reported 300+ Firefighters on scene within the hour and more on their way to battle this long week's fire that took over four days to extinguish only two injuries were reported and no homes burned. One travel trailer was burned and some outter buildings also lost to this fire. 

The fire started when a vehicle driving along side the 14 freeway had crashed head-on into a tree then burst into flames, catching the nearby dry brush on fire and leaded it into the trees where it got out-of-control.

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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Firefighters continuing to battle the flair-ups and hot spots remaining from the California Malibu brush fire which is burning on S.Topanga Cyn. Blvd. N/E Pacific Coast Highway
Photos/Raw Footage Credits: Tv News Services: Hussein Amiri works for Baddboyfilms News

This road is a world famous scenic route from Malibu city limits and the world famous tourist attraction of this area: The historical Santa Monica beach pier, which connects tourists and travelers between the Warner Center, Northern Los Angeles and the Coastal beaches of Malibu, Zuma, Will Roger’s State beach, Santa Monica beach and Pier, Third Street Promenade and other fun attractions, all of the finer fish restaurants and cafe’s and coffee houses and surfing shops . It’s all here. The most touristy sites on the planet are within the City limits of Los Angeles County. But this brush fire has places restrictions on travelers that when they only know what their GPS is telling them, the road is closed by CHP and was reopened by July 2, 2017.

Helicopters doubled up to drop heavily over the 150ft flames which were just becoming larger.

Thursday, June 29, 2017 3:00 p.m. Editorial: Baddboyfilms News (Los Angeles). 

Just a few minutes past 3:00pm Thursday, Firefighters from L.A. County responded to a reported brush fire up into a crevice inside the canyon at the cross streets nearest to Las Virgenes Rd. at Mulholland Hwy located at the 26700 block of Mulholland Hwy. in a Calabasas zip code . They found the hillside on fully involved with fire.

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies were summons in to close the road at the intersection of West Mulholland Highway at Malibu Cyn. Rd. where traffic was already very backed up. 
The center of this brush fire grew in the mountains of between the 26700 block off Mulholland Highway which dead ended into the mountains of Santa Monica Reserve. Stokes Road is fully residential with homeowners running for help from the Fire Department, fear their homes were going to come too close to the flames which the wind was fanning. 

Another part of this blaze took off, trailing up embankments, endangering the nearby multi-million dollar Calabasas homes which had the firefighters hustling to get a handle upon it to control it’s fire path with multiple water drops by Los Angeles County Fire Department Heli-Air Support.  This fire was allocated near the embankments of 2101-2125 blocks of Stokes Canyon Rd in Calabasas California. Homeowners were being warned of a evacuation on Stokes Road by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as they walked door to door on Stokes Rd. near the brush fire, warning homeowners their homes might be in danger of this fire, for them to grab a few things and get outside fast!

The mountains on fire are known for being a favorite hiker’s spot and can be located in Google Maps under: Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Zone Parkland. There are posted signs warning people not to smoke or use open flame, no fires, no campfires allowed. 

Police have alerted the News Media, stating that they have closed Pacific Coast Highway in both directions at Topanga Canyon entrance off PCH and stated that they are not even allowing the News Media or Reporters in for live views. There are two fires which were reported at one time, this one being The Stokes Fire and the other one being started today June 29, Thursday 2017 at 3:00 p.m. S. Topanga Cyn. Blvd. N/E. of Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Calif. and both brush fires have similar information, that no cause of the fire could be explained. 

The Stokes fire was under control by 10:00 pm June 29, and mop up hot spots search all the next day or two took place on Mulholland Hwy. by Cal Fire inmates and Ventura County Fire Department along with L.A. County Fire Watch, L.A.Co. Fire Dept. and L.A.Co. Fire Chief Battalion 510. The Stokes Fire reportedly burned 36-40 acres. Fire Officials from two Counties: Ventura and Los Angeles County had set up a command post to attack the Stokes fire along the 26700 Block of Mulholland Highway on this date of June 29, 2017 by 3:27 p.m. while flames were out-of-control. 

On Scene: 
Firefighters from L.A. County Fire Trucks: L.A.Co.Fire 582, 19, L.A.Co.Fire hand crews 4-14,  MIRA-209, Ventura County Fire Trucks 31, Truck 36 Paramedic, Ventura County Fire Truck 37 and Engine 30, Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Battalion 22, L.A.Co. Fire truck 58, Baddboyfilms News