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A Family's garage exploded violently Wednesday afternoon shooting 2x4's 100 feet into the air.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

No injuries. The cause is still under investigation. Location: The 7500 block of North Sale av Canoga Park, Ca. ​Read the story here: Compton News, Local

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Firefighters halt flames in a Chatsworth Structure Fire 21600 block of W San Jose St. ...

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Stokes Fire Calabasas calif.

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Baddboyfilms News, June 29, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Cal Fire Firefighters Save Hundreds of Homes from Devastation - Stokes Rd. Brush Fire, Calabasas, California

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Placerita Cyn. Fire 2017

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Brush fire burning on Topanga Cyn. Rd. in Malibu, CA

Road closures at Pacific Coast Hwy and Topanga Cyn. Rd. 

info: Calabasas News: Topanga Brush Fire, Off PCH from Malibu, Ca ...

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